The Black Mountain Expedition in Hazara 1888. Brigade Commander General William Galbraith with Staff


The group of staff officers with General Galbraith is photographed with three Indian cavalrymen and five other Indian troops behind them. It is titled in the negative Genl Galbraith & Staff, Kunhar 53A. The lower right corner has broken off but is present. Fortunately it does not affect any of the figures. The reverse of the rather battered card album leaf has a village view entitled Takhote from Sama 43The two thin cards that make up the leaf are coming apart so it would be possible to split the two images if required. Each photograph is 11 x 9 ins.

General Sir William Galbraith KCB was an Irishman from Tuam, born 1837 entering the army in 1855. He was AAG in the 2nd Afghan War and then AAG and QMG Ireland 1882-86. He commanded a Brigade in the Hazara Campaign under General J W McQueen. He commanded Quetta District from 1895 to 1899 when he retired.

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