The Assaye Colour of the 74th Highlanders.


Colours of the 1st Battalion The Highland Light Infantry (late 74th Highlanders) (Being the Royal, Regimental, and the Assaye Colours). A handsome chromolithographic print of the HLI’s three colours with the Assaye elephant displayed in the centre. the print, from Ross’s Old Scottish Regimental Colours [Blackwood, Edinburgh, limited edition 1885] has been framed about 20 years ago in a decent Victorian gilt inner frame, 15¼ x 11ins [visible area of print 12½ x 8½ ins] and has not been glazed. It can be sent without the frame for easier and cheaper posting if required. This elephant appears on several regimental badges but seems sometimes just to symbolise early service in India. In fact the only British infantry at the famous action were the 74th & 78th Highlanders along with the 19th Hussars. The battle of 23rd September 1803 was Wellington’s first great Indian victory, when, as General Arthur Wellesley his 4,000 routed the Rajah of Berar’s army of over 50,000.               oct13/5       SOLD 19th October 2020