Sir Dhunjibhoy Bomanji. A photograph album concentrating on his cars and carriages


An album of professional photographs featuring veteran motor cars and pre World War One horse drawn carriages belonging to Sir Dhunjibhoy Bomanji, taken at Windsor. The album, measuring 15 x 11ins and bound in hald dark blue leather gilt is about half full of professional photographs put together for Sir Dhunjibhoy Bhomanji [1962-1937] and Lady Bomanji. The photographs, mainly about 11 x 8 ins but some of the portraits smaller, occupy the first 13 leaves of the album, pasted to both sides. The rest of the album is unused and no pictures have been removed. There are 5 large images of the various motor cars, 6 of open two horse carriages, 1 of a motor launch, 5 views of The Willows, and the remaining pages are occupied by portraits of the Bomanjis and their friends. Dhunjibhoy Bomanji was a very wealthy Parsee businessman and philanthropist with interests and properties in Bombay, Poona, and Windsor, where the couple lived in great style at The Willows. The motor cars [of which we have not identified the makes] are always chauffeur driven with two liveried chauffeurs in the open front seats: the carriages have various horses suggesting a considerable stable. The front hinge and joint of the album are weak but otherwise it is in good condition and the contents capture that stylish and privileged life of the wealthy gentry pre-WWI age. Sir Dhunjibhoy was a great supporter of the British Raj, contributing large sums to military charities, numbering members of the Royal Family and leading military commanders among his friends and acquaintances. He funded the large equestrian statue of Earl Haig which stands in the grounds of Edinburgh Castle.

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