Seringapatam Medal in silver gilt, awarded by the East india Company


A very good example of the Seringapatam Medal in silver gilt, of which only 185 were awarded. The medal was awarded by the East India Company in 1808 to those who had taken part in the campaign against Tipoo Sultan in various grades from gold to pewter according to rank. The medal was always issued unnamed but the silver gilt and gold medals awarded to the more senior officers are sometimes found, like this one, in a glazed case and mounted on various types of suspension. This example retains an old yellow ribbon which seems to be generally accepted as the one most commonly used at the time although no official ribbon was prescribed. Indian troops often wore theirs from a yellow cord through a hole punched in the medal. The obverse has a handsome image of the British lion triumphing over Tipoo’s tiger and the reverse shows a view of the battle. The date of the battle, 4th May 1799, is shown in Roman numerals in the exergue of the obverse.with the designer’s initials C.H.K. just above to the right..

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