Order of St Michael and St George, miniature CMG


A fine gold example a miniature of the badge of a Companion of the Order [the fifth most senior in the present era after those of the Garter, Thistle, St Patrick, and the Bath.This little order is in excellent condition in 18 carat gold and enamel. It is marked 18CT in between three of the arms of the cross. The order was introduced by the Prince Regent in 1818 primarily to reward people in Malta and Ionian Islands which had been handed to the British at the close of the Napoleonic Wars. It developed into the favoured order to be given to colonial administrators, provincial governors and high ambassadorial and diplomatic figures. As such it is an honour which quite often used to appear in groups of medals awarded to high civil servants in India, although in time largely giving way to the specific Indian Orders. In the current era it is also sometimes given to military officers. In the 20th century the miniature is usual made in silver gilt or gilt metal so these earlier gold examples with excellent enamel work are considerably prized.

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