Officers of the Hyderabad Contingent with the Resident, circa 1870


A good original group photograph of the British Resident at the Court of the Nizam of Hyderabad, C. B. Saunders, C.B., with officers of the Hyderabad Contingent, probably taken at Aurangabad. Several of the sitters are identified on a sheet of paper to which it is tipped, unmounted and in good condition, photograph size 8 x 4.5ins [20 x 14cm]. In 1872 Saunders went on privilege leave and Lord Northbrook appointed Colonel Peter Lumsden as his temporary representative. It was the Viceroy’s great satisfaction with Lumsden’s performance of his office there that led to his appointment as Political Agent at the important Central Indian state of Gwalior. The Resident at Hyderabad, C B Saunders {in office 1868-72] is central at the back wearing the Indian Mutiny medal. The centrally positioned officer on the front row holds a particularly interesting looking cavalry sabre perhaps of the 1796 pattern although it appears to have an ivory hilt. The unusual way in which he holds it adds to the possibility that it may be some sort of presentation sword. This officer [not identified] wears the Mutiny medal with one clasp [probably Central India].

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