NEPAL. Parliamentary Papers and reports concerning the Nepal War in an edition printed in 1817.


Papers Presented to Parliament in 1817. London Gazette Office, Printed By S G Clarke. 1817. 8vo. iv.71pp, iv(index) bound with “Papers Presented to Parliament in 1818” 185pp, 3pp index. Neatly re-cased in contemporary leather boards with new leather spine with red title label gilt, a very clean copy. The papers include: “Papers relating to East india Affairs. Origin, Continuance, and Termination of the late War with the State of NEPAUL” including Declaration from the Bengal Government about the Nepalese War (pp19-36); “Treaty of Peace between the HEICo and the Rajah of Nepaul, signed at Segowley, December 2, 1815” (pp36-42); “Papers respecting the Mission to Lisbon, 1814-1816. {pp41-71). Most of the 1818 papers are concerned with the Slave Trade. The original blue papers on the Nepal war are difficult to find and this book presents them in a handy form

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