Lord Elgin at Jodhpur with HH Maharaja Sir Pratap Singh


A large group photograph entitled Their Excellencies Lord & Lady Elgin at Jhodepore on the old card mount. The image measures 11 x 7.5 ins and is mounted on an old album leaf. It was taken on the 1896 Autumn Tour of the Viceroy Lord Elgin when the Viceregal Party visited Jodhpur towards the end of November, Seated on the Viceroy’s left is HH Maharaja Sir Pratap Singh of Idar who was, at this time, Regent of Jodhpur. Seated further to the left on that row is Henry Babington Smith, the Viceroy’s Private Secretary who was to marry one of the Elgin daughters. The Viceroy’s two sons are seated in front and at the top right corner of the group the officer in uniform is Colonel A Durand, the Military Secretary. In her privately printed The Diary of Lady Elizabeth Bruce the author mentions that H.E. was not particularly well at this time on the tour.

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