LAHORE. Pilots of the Royal Flying Corps / RAF, November 1918


A Flight, 114 Squadron, RAF, Lahore, November 1918. A Group Portrait of Seven Pilots in RFC Uniform. Original Vintage Photograph, 11.5 x 9ins. [ 290 x 220mm] An excellent, clear group portrait dating from the time of the formation of the Royal Air Force.A Flight, 114 Squadron was only formed in 1917 and these officers appear to be those flying from Lahore to judge by the inscription on the reverse (others flew from Aden, etc). They are shown wearing an interesting variety of uniforms, all still sporting pilots’ wings of the Royal Flying Corps design. The two captains in the centre both wear the shoulder chains that suggest a cavalry origin, the lieutenant at the rear with the Military Cross ribbon wears collar badges of a Fusilier Regiment. It should be relatively easy to identify the sitters from the Air Force List of 1918. The reverse has a presentation inscription and is signed although the surname is hard to make out.

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