JODHPUR. A signed photographic portrait by Johnston & Hoffmann


A three quarter length portrait of Maharaja Sardar Singh of Jodhpur signed in 1896. The young prince succeeded his father on 11th October 1895 and died in March 1903. His father, Jaswant Singh II, changed the style of dress in Jodhpur abandoning the traditional very full and flowing garments in favour of tighter clothes conforming more to the western body image. His son Sardar Singh can be seen here to have taken this style to heart. The flamboyant costume and liberal use of jewels were to typify the young maharaja who earned a reputation for lavish lifestyle and excessive spending that the British removed his ruling powers for a number of years in the middle of his reign. He was a keen and excellent polo player. The portrait measures 307 x 185mm [12 x 7,5ins approx] and is mounted on the original photographer’s card [330 x190m]. There are a few small areas of surface damage, the only one on the figure itsef being what may be an old ink blot on the turban.

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