Jai Vilas Palace, Gwalior, an original panoramic photograph by Dias Studios of Bombay, 1930s.


A panoramic view of unusual proportions [16 x 5ins, 40 x 13.5cm], necessitated by the enormous size of the palace, built to the design of Lt Col Sir Michael Filose for Maharaja Jayaji Rao of Gwalior between 1972-74. The very loyal maharaja was determined to have it finished in time for the 1875 visit of the Prince of Wales. The huge Durbar hall boasts what are thought to be largest glass chandeliers in the world and palace still contains numerous examples of the glass furniture and fittings that were so popular in 19th century India – including a large glass fountain and the famous glass banisters to the main staircase, This photograph has been removed from a large dilapidated old album and has marks at the corners on the verso where it has been lightly tipped in to a page.

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