EDWARDES of CHITRAL, Captain Stanley Malcolm Edwardes, D.S.O., late N Lancashire Regt


A good full length portrait of Edwardes of Chitral, 2.5 x 4ins, pasted to a piece of an old card album leaf, identified in pencil on the card “Edwardes of Chitral, photographed in Cashmere”. Edwardes is shown wearing a poshteen and a pagri and has a double barrelled rifles under his arm. Judging his age against a photograph of him at the time of the relief of Chitral it was probably taken around 1900. In 1895 Edwardes had played a heroic part in the relief of Chitral when he was captured en route to Chitral. The fierce casualties his small force at Reshan had inflicted on the Chitralis caused their commander to put off storming the fortress fearing excessive casualties. He was mentioned in despatches and awarded a DSO.      59    SOLD   25th March 2020