The official medal struck for the Coronation Durbar of KIng George V and Queen Mary. It is struck in silver and is of identical size to the earlier 1903 medal, 1.5 inches [38.5mm]. The obverse shows the conjoined busts of the King and Queen in their coronation robes. There is no English inscription on either side but the reverse [to be seen by clicking on the image] has a Farsi inscription reading: “The Durbar of GeorgeV, Emperor of India, Master of the British Lands. ” As in 1903 a gold issue of the medal was made and issued to high officials, royalty, and Indian Rulers. In this case 200 gold medals were awarded, the increase over the 140 of 1903 being accounted for by the much larger attendance at this occasion and the higher number of visiting royalty, etc. because of the presence of the King and Queen. The silver medal was struck in much greater numbers [about 30,000] and on this occasion about a third of that number was given to military personal of Indian and British forces for exemplary service even though they were not at Delhi on the occasion. As in the case of the 1903 medal they were all issued without naming although some were unofficially named later. The same obverse was used on the Coronation Medal although the reverse of that bore the royal cypher above the date on the reverse. In the event of someone having received the Coronation Medal and then being awarded the Durbar medal they in fact only received a bar DELHI to be worn on the ribbon. These bars are very scarce as only 140 were awarded. Unusully this example of the medal has regimentally engraved award details ” 2040 2/4 G.R. ” [presumably Gurkha Rifles].

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