Delhi Durbar, 1903. The Imperial Cadet Corps dismounted in their camp


Original vintage photograph, 8 ins x 5.8 ins, mounted on half a card album leaf, numbered in the negative 348, the number repeated on the printed letterpress title on mounted label beneath the image 349 CADET CORPS. Imperial Cadet Corps Dismounted Awaiting Orders. The photograph is somewhat faded and a few small indentations and scratches, but still a good clear image with personalities easily distinguishable under a lens. This print shows the young princes of the Imperial Cadet Corps in their distinctive uniform, mainly dismounted around the clearly distinguishable figure of Maharaja Sir Pratap Singh of Idar (Regent of Jodhpur), still mounted, Major Watson, the Commandant stands in the foreground holding the reigns of his charger. The location is probably just before the Corps took part in the Military Review. At this time the Corps included, as well as 18 sons of rulers, the young rulers of Jodhpur, Kishengarh, Jaora, Rutlam, and Dholpur. The reverse of the card has a similarly sized view No 423 REVIEW. Field Battery R.H.A. Marching Past. This unfaded view, shows a battery of Horse Artillery parading with their guns past the saluting party on the day of the Military Review. This leaf has been removed from a disbound album of Durbar photographs put together by Deen Dayal’s studios. At this time the Corps included 5 ruling princes [Jodhpur, Kishengarh, Jaora, Rutlam, and Dhoplur] and princes from Atari, Kama, Bhavnagar, Jodhpur, Gandoz, Jaipur, Virpur, Kota, Weir, Rutlam, Tonk, Chota Udaipur, Hoti, Sardargarh, and Palanpur. SOLD 18th May 2019