Court dress with Windsor Dress Buttons – worn by the 2nd Lord Acton


The court dress comprises a dark blue tail coat with black velvet collar and a matching waistcoat. The jacket has eight large buttons to the front, two at the waist of the back, two at the base of the tails, and  three small buttons at each opening sleeve cuff: the waistcoat has four small buttons. The buttons have the backmark of Firmin. The suit was made by Cutler & Rooke of Savile Row and their name label inside the pocket is completed in ink to Lord Acton, M.V.O.  and dated 1913. The jacket has silk loop provisions for fitting medals and stars of orders. Richard Maximilian Lyon-Dalberg-Acton was born in Bavaria in 1870 but finished his education in Oxford at Magdalen. He led a British diplomatic career, mainly in German speaking states. He inherited his father’s peerage in 1902 and was Lord in Waiting to Edward VII and George V and we assume this uniform was worn then.

The buttons mounted with the crown above the Garter Star are only shown in Dress and Insignia Worn at Court  as being worn on Windsor dress but that dress has a red collar so we are a little confused s to the precise title for the uniform although its provenance, make and authenticity are undoubted. As well as being advanced to a knighthood of the Royal Victorian Order in 1919, Lord Acton held the Order of the Crown of Prussia [1st class} , the French Legion of Honour, the Danish Order of Danebrog and the Serbian Royal Red Cross.

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