Boulton’s Trafalgar Medal 1805


An excellent example of the oiginal 48 mm white metal medal issued by Matthew Bouton of the Soho Mint for issue to the surviving members of the Royal Navy from the action of October 1805. The medal has a few minor edge knocks but is generally a very pleasing medal and comes with an associated silver coloured ring mount with suspension ring. The rim of the medal is impressed FROM M : BOULTON TO THE HEROES OF TRAFALGAR . There is a small holr drilled in the rim between THE and HEROES. The obverse has the bust of Nelson in uniform with the lettering HORATIO VISCOUNT NELSON . K. B. DUKE OF BRONTE. The reverse has Nelson’s famous signal around the battle scene and in the exergue TRAFALGAR Oct: 21. 1805.

Gold, silver, and bromze versions of the medal were struck later but the original awards were all white metal.

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