A letter to Lady Macgregor, wife of Sir Charles Macgregor and editor of his “Life and Opinions”


A letter signed A Colvin [Auckland Colvin, 1838-1908] dated Lucknow 14 February 1888 written on 4 sides of a folded sheet of writing paper embossed with Colvin’s crest & motto, addressed to My dear Lady Mac. An interesting and lively letter, partly about about her pension but also trying to persuade her not to publish her husband’s anti-Russian work for it would alienate her from her friends and she would become known as “Lady Dhulip”. Col Macgregor had been Quarter Master General in India and head of the newly formed Intelligence Division and had fallen foul of his superiors for advocating strong action against the Russian threat about which he and other hawkish Great Game authors like Charles Marvin and Arminus Vambery wrote about. Macgregor was a notoriously difficult and opinionated man whose works are now scarce.

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