A Gala Night Programme held in Bombay in the presence of the Nizam of Hyderabad


GRAND GALA NIGHT!!! Under the distinguisehd patronage and in the immediate presence of His Highness the NIZAM of Hyderabad Deccan, G.C.S.I., K.G.C.B. The Victoria Theatircal Company, will perform to-night at the specially erected Royal Pandal, on the Cosy Corner, Malabar, Hill, Bombay. The Heart-Rending Pathetic Play HARISCHANDRA or The Model of Truth. Printed by J N Petit parsee Orphanage Captain Printing Works. Folio sized paper programme [single sheet folded in half to present four sides each 13 x 8ins. The three pages after the title page explain the plot in detail. An unusual ephemeral survival. There are additional horizontal and vertical creases. There is no date but the printing style and the omission of term Exalted in the Nizam’s title would suggest very early 20th century.      SOLD 1st July 2020