11th Hussars. A cdv of a named captain in about 1870


The somewhat faded carte de visite by The Stephens Green Exhibition and Photographic Gallery, 6 Stephens Green Nh. 6 Doors from Grafton St. Dublin shows the officer full length wearing the ivory hilted mameluke pattern sword favoured by some light cavalry regiments. It is initialled on the front of the card RHV for Captain Robert Henry Verschoyle, 11th Prince of Wales’s Own HussarsHe was commissioned Cornet 1860, Lieutenant 1862, being promoted to captain in 1867. He has disappeared from the Army List by 1873.        jan19/1   SOLD 19th January 2021

Brian Robson in Swords of the British Army notes that, although this pattern of sword was officially withdrawn from the cavalry in 1831 it was still being worn by the 11th & 13th Hussars in Edwardian times.