1865 Commission of Captain Henry Macdonald, 19th Bengal N I


The printed commission document with manuscript insertions [including the alteration of Prince George’s rank from General to Field Marshal] appoints Henry Macdonald as Captain in the Army and is dated 1865. It bears the usual blind stamped paper seals and duty stamps and is signed George [Field Marshal H RH Prince George, Duke of Cambridge] and de Grey Ripon. The Commission measures approx 16 x 12 ins and is in sound condition with the usual three vertical folds. The third fold is worn and weak with one small hole [not affecting the text]. Henry Macdonald of Sandside in Caithness, served in the Mutiny (awarded the medal with two clasps). He was a surviving officer of the former 19th Bengal Native Infantry which mutinied at Berhampore. In 1859 he was serving as Adjutant at Dehra Doon. He was hacked to death in 1873 by Mohmand Afridis while serving as commandant of Fort Michnee and was buried at Peshawar.                may6/3     SOLD 1st July 2020

Hart’s Army List 1873 records Macdonald’s services: Major H Macdonald served throughout the Indian mutiny campaignof 1857-59, first as Interpreter to a detachment of the 5th Fusiliers, including the action of Meraigunge, and relief of Lucknow by Lord Clyde; and afterwards as Interpreter to the 93rd Highlanders, and was present at the battle of Cawnpore on the 6th Dec.1857, and pursuit of the Gwalior Contingent to Seraigbat, reoccupation of Bithur, action of Kalee Nudee and Khoodagunge, entry into Futtehghur, actions at Shumshabad and Meangunge, siege and capture of Lucknow; Oude and Rohilcund campaigns of 1858, including the actions of Booya, Allygunge, and Shasjehanpore, and capture of Bareilly (Medal with two Clasps). Served with the 31st Native Infantry during the Hazara campaign of 1863 under General Wilde (Medal with Clasp).